When is it a choice? By Leyla Hussein

A very interesting article by Leyla Hussein, a campaigner for the end of FGM. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/leyla-hussein/fgm-when-is-it-a-choice_b_4401759.html

FGM in the news

Female Genital Mutilation: time for a prosecution


Female Genital Mutilation: how prevalent is it?


Waris Dirie: ‘Female Genital Mutilation is pure violence against girls’


Casualty and FGM

In recent years, a subject that was not discussed openly and was seen as a taboo in some quarters is being brought into the public domain. Awareness is being highlighted by people such as international model Waris Dirie and anthropologist Fuambai Ahmadu.

On Saturday the 20th of April 2013, BBC’s Casualty aired an episode of the weekly drama, based around the subject of FGM. There were a lot of mixed reviews.

BBC 1’s Casualty: Researching FGM

Researching FGM for BBC 1’s Casualty

Response to BBC 1’s Casualty – article in the Guardian